Bottled waters flood the shelves of the grocery store.  There are constant sales promoting the purchase of bottled water.  The varieties flood the convenience stores; Avian, Nestle, Poland Spring, Fiji, store brands, etc.  We drink bottle upon bottle every day.  How many of us stop to think,water bottle “Is this actually good for me?”  With water being so “good” for us, we never actually question what we are drinking.

If you’re familiar with BPA, there’s a first question we should be asking ourselves.  Does my water bottle contain BPA?  BPA water bottles are cheap and convenient for the companies mass producing the water we drink.  These BPA bottles are actually a danger to our bodies. “BPA exhibits hormone-like properties that raise concern about its suitability in consumer products and food containers. Since 2008, several governments have questioned its safety, which prompted some retailers to withdraw polycarbonate products. A 2010 report from the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warned of possible hazards to fetuses, infants, and young children.” (Wikipedia This page was last modified on 18 June 2013 at 20:37)
BPA has not been recognized by the Drug Administration as a significant health hazard, but The U.S Department of Health and Human Services notes very low doses of BPA could cause developmental issues in young children.
In addition to the BPA in bottles, is the water INSIDE the bottle even safe for us to drink?  We chug away after a long run or on a hot day, but are we openly being healthy as we do so?  The Environmental Working Group (EWG) is a non-profit organization that wanted to look into this even further.  The EWG analyzed 173 bottles of water.  Their goal was to determine where the water sources came from.  18% of the bottles didn’t say where their water comes from.  More than ½ the bottles surveyed failed the transparency test and 32% did not disclose that how their water is treated or the quality of their water.
Only THREE brands even earned the highest possible marks for disclosing information and using the most advanced treatment methods available: Gerber Pure Purified Water, Nestle Pure Life Purified Water, and Penta Ultra-Purified Water.
Six brands got the WORST rating in EWG’s report because they do not provide consumers with the basic facts.  Whole Foods Italian Still Mineral Water, Vintage Natural Spring, Sahara Premium Drinking Water, O-Water Sport, Market Basket Natural Spring Water, and Cumby’s Spring Water.

How did the others rank?
•    Pure Life Purified Water (Nestle) scored an EWG grade of a B
•    Arrowhead Mountain Spring Water (Nestle) = C
•    Aquafina Purified Drinking Water (Pepsi) = D
•    Dasani = D
•    Deer Park (Nestle) = D
•    Ice Mountain = D
•    Ozarka Natural Spring Water (Nestle) = D
•    Zephyrillis Natural Spring = D
•    Poland Spring Natural Spring = D
•    Crystal Geyser Natural Alpine Spring = F

Drinking water is a necessity for our survival.  We should be educated on what we are drinking. Filtered tap water from your home is the surest way to know you are drinking water that is good for you.  Our city water is regularly tested and monitored.  You know the source of where it comes from.  You can even find your City or Town’s test results online.  Having a filtration system installed in your home eliminates these concerns.
Use a bottle that is dishwasher safe.  Do not re-fill a disposable plastic bottle.  Those bottles that you are re-filling cannot be washed properly and contain high levels of bacteria. They can develop microscopic cracks which harbor the bacteria.  Every time you take a sip, you are bringing those bacteria into your body.
If bottled water is your only option, choose one that informs you of where the water came from and what is in the water.  If the bottle says “reverse-osmosis and micro-filtration,” the EWG recommends that bottle of water vs. one that does not have the listed on their packaging. We need to be informed and educated on the choices we make every day with the foods and drinks that fuel our survival.  Making smarter choices keep us healthy.

Call Papalia Plumbing & Heating Inc. today to have a filtration system installed in your home.  978.897.1701


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